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Performance Optimization

Whether you want to (pre-)test a new release, to start with web performance optimization or whether you need a thorough check of your website. Our performance engineers and performance testers will help you find, fix and test.

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Web Performance Optimization: technical and empowering your team

To reach KPIs, performance requires focused effort. However, these KPIs are easily breached due to lack of maintenance. To continuously deliver fast experiences, performance needs to be treated as a feature of daily work rather than a project to be executed once. That’s where our web performance optimization solutions can help your business.

technical and empowering your team
Quantify correlations

Quantify correlations

Performance is often impacted by common resources such as images and third-party scripts. Our performance engineers will determine the impact of each resource on your website and quantify the correlation between site speed and business outcomes. They provide web performance optimization possibilities to help prioritize user stories. Also, they help your DevOps teams to take action to fix the speed bumps that prevent a fast experience.

Our goal: technical and cultural

Our goal is partly technical by bringing focus to delivering a fast experience. It’s also cultural by empowering teams across your organization to coordinate efforts to improve the key performance indicators most valuable to your business right now.

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Benefits of our Performance Optimization solutions

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Product Owner

Taking ownership of all aspects of performance optimization, both technical and cultural

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Correlating user stories
to business outcomes

Fix what matters most for a fast experience by tying technical optimization to conversion metrics

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Integration into
CI/CD pipeline

Integration transforms performance as a quick fix into a continuous feature you can manage

Our performance engineers are here to help you

To build and maintain fast experiences our performance engineers can provide the following services for your web performance optimization:

  • Creation of performance KPIs and translating them into best practices for development process;
  • Execution of front-end code & third party tag scans and translating the outcomes into user stories for front-end development and architectural guidelines;
  • Selecting and configuring performance tooling and integrating them into the CI/CD pipeline for (automated) feature testing;
  • Selecting and configuring CDN and related optimization services;
  • Building guidelines for performance optimization and culture building within your organization.
our performance engineers are here to help you

Our Performance Optimization Solutions are suitable for

Devops teams

DevOps teams

DevOps teams are constantly challenged to push application delivery and optimize their way of working. MeasureWorks provides Performance Optimization solutions to easily compare application versions. We’ll give insight into how changes and new releases have impacted page speed and overall performance. And we’ll give insights to understand how each new release impacts your performance budgets and conversion targets.

Product Owners

Prioritising work to be done is a time consuming task for product owners. With our Web Performance Optimization solutions it’s also a task of the past. Our performance engineers will support you to prioritize optimisations based on both effort and conversion impact, challenge developers to build the right code and create performance tests to make sure quality is validated before Go-Live.

Product owners


The Web Performance Optimization solutions of MeasureWorks helps operation teams and site reliability engineers (SREs) improve the mean time to resolve with detailed insights into performance defects, predictive alerting when performance degrades, all integrated into your continuous delivery process for fast remediation.

What can our Performance Optimization solutions mean for your business?

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