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Digital Experience Monitoring

Performance issues and slowdowns impact productivity and business results. With our digital experience monitoring solutions, you’ll get granular visibility into how your end users perceive performance and which actions to take to fix performance issues.

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Digital Experience Monitoring: insights to fix performance issues

80% – 90% of all performance issues happen in the browser or device of your end user. To deliver the most optimal performance you therefore need to measure how your users interact with your digital touchpoints from the outside-in.

insights to fix performance issues
pinpointing what's hurting your users experience

Pinpointing what’s hurting your users experience

Our digital experience monitoring solutions provide you with full insights in what your users experience online when using your digital touchpoints. By observing their behavior closely, we provide data to monitor, find and fix performance issues in real time, with real browsers and real network conditions. We pinpoint what’s hurting your users to complete their journey to convert by focusing on click behavior. Maximize your business results by prioritizing enhancements that matter.

Best of breed range of monitoring tools

As we understand not every digital touchpoint, app or website is built equal, we provide a best of breed range of monitoring tools within our digital experience monitoring solutions. This range will help your DevOps teams to create the right toolset to measure performance, from front-end to back-end.

best of breed range of monitoring tools

Benefits of our Digital Experience Monitoring

real user monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Observe the impact of performance on user behavior and take action against slow downs

synthetic monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Measure key business transactions to discover and resolve performance issues fast

employee experience

Employee Experience

Real-time insights into the performance of your employees’ productivity and collaboration tools and services

Our performance engineers are here to help you

Measure, find and speed up website and application performance issues before your customers start complaining. With our digital experience monitoring solutions you will be able to:

  • Build performance KPIs and connect performance to conversion targets;
  • Receive alerts the moment any performance issues arises and get the insights to fix issues;
  • Get insights into performance speed bumps with custom dashboards and regular reporting;
  • Receive training and professional services from our performance engineers.
our performance engineers are here to help you

Our Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions are suitable for



Measure how your users perceive performance, start monitoring their digital experience and understand the impact of performance on your conversion metrics. MeasureWorks uncovers the experiences your users have whenever they click on your digital touchpoints. We help you challenge your development team(s) to deliver a fast experience. At the same we help you understand how fast you need to be to beat your competition and rank high in Google.

Product Owners

Prioritising work to be done is a time consuming task for product owners. With our Digital Experience Monitoring solutions it’s also a task of the past. Our performance engineers will support you to prioritize optimisations based on both effort and conversion impact, challenge developers to build the right code and create performance tests to make sure quality is validated before Go-Live.

Product owners


The Digital Experience Monitoring solutions of MeasureWorks helps operation teams and site reliability engineers (SREs) improve the mean time to resolve with detailed insights into performance defects, predictive alerting when performance degrades, all integrated into your continuous delivery process for fast remediation.

What can our Digital Experience Monitoring solutions mean for your business?

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