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Content Delivery Network

Accelerate your performance, get a fast website or app everywhere. MeasureWorks provides Content Delivery Network solutions to make sure your images, static content and third party content are delivered fast and reliable, close to wherever your users are.

Content Delivery Network: consistent and fast user experiences

Most websites and applications are run out of one physical (cloud) location, where the majority of an user’s page load time is spent on retrieving content to get assembled in their browser. The farther away users are from your hosting location, the slower the website or application loads. This creates more often than not an inconsistent user experience.

Consistent and fast user experiences
Deliver content more quickly

Deliver content more quickly

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed way to deliver content from your website or mobile application to users more quickly and efficiently. To avoid dissatisfaction created by a slow service, CDNs move content closer to the user, based on their geographic location. The result is a reduction of network latency and thus faster user experiences.

Prevent site crashes

CDNs not only ensure a faster experience to your users. They also help to prevent site crashes in the event of traffic surges as CDNs help to distribute bandwidth across multiple servers, instead of allowing one server or location to handle all traffic.

MeasureWorks accelerates your Content Delivery Network solutions to make sure your images, static content and third party content are delivered fast and reliable, close to wherever your users are.

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Benefits of our Content Delivery Network

image optimization

Image Optimization

Automate your content creation workflow to transform and optimize digital images and video to deliver the best asset for every end user and every device

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Adaptive Acceleration

Apply performance optimizations automatically based on click behavior from your users, powered by our digital experience monitoring solutions

employee experience

Caching and Offloading

Reduce the network costs on your hosting infrastructure, especially during peak periods, by making your static content always accessible through a Content Delivery Network

Our performance engineers are here to help you

Our performance engineers help you seize opportunities for a fast website with content on CDNs:

  • Consistent fast load times for web and mobile users, independent of location and device;
  • Automation of your content creation workflow by optimizing the delivery images and video at the edge;
  • Quickly scale your capacity during times of heavy traffic to prevent downtime;
  • Decrease infrastructure costs due to traffic offloading (less load on origin).
our performance engineers are here to help you

Our Content Delivery Network solutions are suitable for

Devops teams

DevOps teams

DevOps teams are constantly challenged to push application delivery and optimize their way of working. MeasureWorks provides Application Performance Monitoring solutions to easily compare application versions. We’ll give insight into how changes and new releases have impacted page speed and overall performance. And we’ll give insights to understand how each new release impacts your performance budgets and conversion targets.
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Product Owners

Prioritising work to be done is a time consuming task for product owners. With our Application Performance Monitoring solutions it’s also a task of the past. Our performance engineers will support you to prioritize optimisations based on both effort and conversion impact, challenge developers to build the right code and create performance tests to make sure quality is validated before Go-Live.
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Product owners

What can our Content Delivery Network solutions mean for your business?

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