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Unique methodology: Get Fast, Stay Fast

Your visitors are intrinsically motivated to click when they experience fast interactions. How can you benefit from this behavior in the long term? Our secret weapon: a unique methodology for a fast, consistent digital performance over time to change the habits of your users. This methodology is a structured, data driven approach to optimizing both performance and conversion. It’s developed together with our clients and founded on psychological principles.

Our solutions empower you and your team to make data driven decisions on performance improvements and to challenge developers to test and develop code that’s optimized for conversion. Our digital performance management services take a user centric approach to delivering fast website while at the same time make performance a repetitive exercise within your own development cycle.

MeasureWorks helps you deliver faster websites with higher conversion

Our solutions

Digital Experience Monitoring

Measure how your end-users perceive performance when interacting with your digital touchpoints and get insights in which actions to take to fix performance issues.

Performance Optimization

We correlate your digital performance to its impact on users and your most important business metrics. We’ll also integrate performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline.

Benchmark performance

(Automated) Performance Testing

We ensure that your website or app doesn’t slow down or collapse after every deployment or when visitor numbers increase due to campaigns or events.

Content Delivery Network

We review your Content Delivery Network to ensure your content and third party content is delivered fast and reliable, close to wherever your users are.

Application Performance Monitoring

An intelligent platform that allows you to observe, diagnose and optimize performance in real-time. Work smarter in your entire delivery process.

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