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Does your website perform fast enough for Google Core Web Vitals, or for the short attention span of your visitors? Find out with the free Performance Audit of MeasureWorks.

What does our Performance Audit include?



We will benchmark the performance of your website during 7 days on mobile and desktop devices under real network conditions

Twinkle 100

Rank against competitors

The benchmark ranks your website against your direct competitors (Twinkle100)

Benchmark performance

Discover the gap

With this data set you can discover the gap to bridge to become competitive for both Google and your online competition

Insightful report

We will deliver our report in an easy to read one-pager and when applicable you can discuss this during a 30-min explainer session with one of our performance engineers

Core Web Vitals performance Audit

A slow website will kill your page rankings and sales

With the launch of Google’s Core Web Vitals Initiative, the performance of your website is more important than ever. Site speed has a clear influence on page ranking. A slow website will drop in rankings, to page 2 or worse… It also influences your user experience, and can win or loose you valuable customers.

MeasureWorks helps! In our free Performance Audit, we will check the speed of your website during a week. The results: a one-page report with personal insights how to get your website faster and more competitive.

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Web Vitals Performance Audit

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