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Faster websites higher conversion
Faster website conversion

For faster websites with higher conversion

Together with our clients we have developed a structured, data-driven methodology to deliver faster websites with higher conversion. We measure user engagement with our performance monitoring and correlate this data with conversion metrics, which empowers product owners and e-commerce managers to make data driven decisions on performance improvements. Our methodology integrates performance into the development life cycle to support developers to automatically test and develop code with optimal performance, continuously.

Tailor made for your business

Our methodology connects Conversion Optimization with DevOps application delivery. Our solutions are tailored to take control of web performance in each step of delivery. From prioritizing user stories, testing new code before launch, to running reliable operations.

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Real User Monitoring

Measure how your users perceive performance when interacting with your digital touchpoints and identify areas that are slowing you down.

Performance Optimization

Our performance engineers will turn any speed bump into a user story for your developers to build. We integrate performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline.

Benchmark performance

Performance Testing

Performance testing helps you ensure that your website doesn’t slow down or collapse when visitors suddenly increase due to marketing campaigns or seasonal events.

Network Acceleration

To ensure that your content is always delivered, we provide content delivery services to make sure your images, static content and 3rd parties are delivered fast and reliable.

Application Performance Monitoring

The most important piece is still the quality of your application code. With our APM solutions we provide insights into every detail about the inner workings of your application.

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Why choose MeasureWorks?

User Experience

Your users want it, Google demands it: fast websites. We optimize outside in, putting your users first to create the fastest interaction when clicking through your website. At the same time, we optimize for the right impact on your SEO ranking.

Data driven

Our recommendations are based on data collected from your own users. You will always be able to answer the question as to how fast you need to be to beat the competition and generate the best business outcomes.

DevOps way of working

Our focus is to integrate performance optimization and testing into your own application delivery cycle, where performance will become an integral part of your way of working, so you’ll never get slow again.

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A fast website creates happy users.
Happy users convert better.

Our methodology connects Conversion Optimization with DevOps application delivery for continuous performance optimization.

At MeasureWorks we believe that performance is a fundamental requirement for every user interaction on the web and device.

Empower our customers

At MeasureWorks we believe that performance is a fundamental requirement for every user interaction on the web and device. We see it as our mission to empower our customers to deliver fast, responsive and available user experiences to their end users and create a higher transaction volume through web performance.

Speed is incorporated into the DNA of our services:

  • For end users who expect fast response times;
  • For our clients who use speed as a competitive advantage;
  • For our performance engineers to deliver knowledge, support and solutions

Test right now if your site can beat the competition

Do you know if your performance is comparable with the fastest 20% of websites both your users and Google compare you with? Provide us with the URL of your own website and 3 competitors and receive a free performance scan.

The performance scan will provide insights into the competitiveness of your own website, the performance optimisation potential and actual data on the most important Google ranking metrics for performance.

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